A tribute to ideas captured

The sketch: simple, gestural, unrefined
See our prompts...
1. Capture your idea
2. Share

What is Sketchtember?

Sketchtember is a community driven endeavour to share works you jot down for inspiration. We value skecthes as fun parts of exercising your creative mind and muscles. Its a challenge to do more and to share those works with the community.

Have you heard of Inktober?

The Sketchtember challenge was inspired by Inktober - but we felt the need to provide a direction towards sharing unfinished or in-progress works. We want to challenge Artists to capture their ideas even if they cant or dont want to provide an inked version of their art. One sketch every day of the month!!?? That would be awesome!!! But if you cant do 1 sketch every day or 1 a week dont let it discourage you - just do what you can and keep it enjoyable without stressing it.

Use your sketches for Inktober!!
Or not. Whatevs.

We know the pressure and time to create and refine a piece is alot - especially every day when you have a job, kids, spend every waking moment breathing, etc... Use Sketchember to fuel your Intober!!! (one more) !